You’ve been asking; we’ve been listening! Each month, our FUEL recipe specials bring exciting new tastes to your café. We’re blending cuisines that students like you have ranked among their favorites. So, come back often to see what’s cooking each month!

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Welcome to our wellness platform! Each month, the series featured here will focus on a new lesson on eating well, being active, and staying balanced. Our FUEL recipes not only taste good, but they also provide you with the necessary daily
nutrients – which means your body and mind will have the energy needed to get you through the day.



Health Eating Tip 1:
Students who eat breakfast tend to demonstrate better test scores and are less absent or tardy to school.

Be sure to grab breakfast at your school and get a jump start to your day! Remember, eating closer to class and test-taking time can help you perform better on standardized tests – at least better than those who skip breakfast.

Healthy Eating Tip 2:
Your school food service provider, ARAMARK, has a culinary team of registered dietitians and chefs that develop recipes – bringing you and your school healthful, nutrient dense, great tasting breakfast and lunch menus.

Be sure to grab lunch at your school cafeteria! Remember to keep an eye out for our monthly FUEL promotions. Two weeks out of each month, two brand new recipes will be featured!

Healthy Eating Tip 3:
More than half of your body weight is water. Water is necessary for life because it enables our most important body functions. Staying hydrated helps you be energized, active, and healthy.

Be sure to have the right amount of water or fluid in your body; it’s important to how you feel and function. Even mild dehydration can make you feel tired. Drinking enough water is important (about 9-12 glasses/ day). You can also stay hydrated by drinking unsweetened beverages, or eating foods with high water content like fruits, veggies, and soups. Avoid drinks that add excess calories and sugars to your diet, and limit sports drinks with high amounts of sodium.

Healthy Eating Tip 4:
MyPlate, the current USDA food guide, helps you understand
the right amount to eat from all the important food groups; vegetables, fruits, grains, lean protein, and low-fat or
fat-free milk.

Be sure to grab breakfast and lunch in your school cafeteria for healthy meals that are packed with flavor and great taste. This includes: fresh fruits and veggies; low and nonfat dairy options; lean beef, chicken, and vegetarian protein options; whole grain for increased fiber; and %100 juice.

Healthy Eating Tip 5:
Calcium is the building block of bone. Your bones provide support and protection for the rest of your body – so it’s essential to keep bones strong and healthy. Since other body functions require calcium, your body will “borrow” the calcium from your bones, if you don’t have enough in your diet.

Be sure to get enough calcium. Drinking milk and incorporating dairy into your diet regularly is one way. But there are other ways to get calcium! You can eat green leafy vegetables, beans and nuts, fortified foods like tofu and other soy products, and seafood.





This month’s feature: This month’s feature: Enjoy the taste of our Hand Held Specials!





ARAMARK Education is proud to serve your school district. We are committed to your well-being and improving your overall dining experience. Our goal is to work with your school district’s wellness plan to help you choose nutritious foods and adopt healthy lifestyles.

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